HiPerSeal®- Spring Energized Seals

HiPerSeal® is a U-shaped machined performance polymer that utilizes a single spring energizer to provide force for the sealing lips. The seal jacket is made from PTFE compounds using high-performance polymer fillers to enhance overall seal life and wear resistance properties. The system pressure ultimately increases the sealing force and creates a leak tight seal. Because the seal utilizes a spring, slight misalignment is tolerated, and the sealing force and jacket wear is more consistent. Spring energizers are available in corrosion resistant metal alloys such as stainless steel, Elgiloy and Hastelloy to meet the most serious corrosive and high temperature applications. 

The standard HiPerSeal® product line is precisely machined to fit AS 568A glands in radial rod and piston grooves and axial face seal configurations. They are suitable for static, rotary, and reciprocating applications which can operate under the most extreme and harsh conditions. They can operate from static and low speeds to speeds of 20 m/s (4000 fpm); pressures from vacuum to 700 kg/cm² (10,000 psi); and temperatures from cryogenic to 300°C (575°F). The HiPerSeal® offers all these capabilities while being able to function in the most chemically aggressive applications. These seals are an extremely effective solution for hydraulic components where low friction and high lateral loads, are combined with corrosive and/or steam environments; all while providing the most consistent friction performance. 

HiPerSeal® can of course be customized to meet your specific needs upon request. 

Advantage of HiPerSeal®

  • Manufactured with dedicated CNC machines, there are no tooling costs. Ideal for small quantities and diverse customized requirements. 
  • Versatile sealing spring loads through various spring and seal profile designs. 
  • A compact seal that will fit in standard O-ring grooves in accordance with AS568A.
  • Sterilize in autoclaves or with any sterilizing agents.


Thương hiệu:HiPerSeal®、HiPerLip®

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