ParSave®– Bearing isolator

Bearing isolator is a sealing device developed for the protection of rolling bearings of rotating equipment. It can replace traditional lip seals (also known as rubber oil seals). The special configuration of the labyrinth ring combination helps to eliminate common sealing issues. For instance, the shaft damages caused by the wear of the rotating shaft by the lip seal and the deterioration and failure of the lubricating oil caused by the intrusion of foreign objects or water vapor. The bearing isolator can effectively extend the service life of the bearings and rotating shafts. Additionally, since there is no contact between mating surfaces, there are no component wear and pollution problems. Therefore, the entire seal material with FKM (Viton) O ring is very suitable for harsh environments of bearing rotating equipments considering that special PTFE filler has heat resistance, self-lubrication, and high strength characteristic. 

Features of ParSave Bearing Isolators
The ParSave bearing isolator is evolved from the design concepts of major foreign leading brands and uses the characteristics of materials to enhance the dynamic and static rings perform a fitting precision combination. The static O-ring seal completely blocks out the leaking path of the inner bore. ParSave's powerful oil splashing labyrinth groove and lubricating oil mechanism design ensure the quality of lubricating oil. In addition to providing the braking force that synchronous rotates with the shaft, the centrifugal force provided by O-ring during rotation and the internal labyrinth will effectively remove and discharge the high-humidity pollutants to achieve a double-layer protection effect.
The ParSave series bearing isolator adopts a simple and integrated design without any special tools to install. It is the best choice for you to reduce maintenance costs and improve the reliability of the equipment operation.

Applications of ParSave Bearing Isolators
ParSave is an extension of Parjet PTFE products. The material is completely free of corrosion problems. It is also suitable for cooling water towers, wastewater treatment or non-pressure acid and alkali treatment equipment. For example, the gearbox has a long-term high humidity, dust, and water vapor splash environment; ParSave can replace the traditional lip seal in the existing seal space and form an effective isolation protection for bearings or lubricating oil. This significantly reduces the probability of water intrusion and extends the service life of the bearing.
The ParSave product team has rich experience and capabilities in design, production, application, and diagnosis. We provide the most optimal designs and selection for the shaft seal requirements of any rotating equipment such as motors, pumps, fans, mixers, compressors, etc. ParSave products meet the actual customers’ needs with short delivery timeregardless of its standard or special specifications.

  • It can ensure that the lubricating grease is not polluted and prolong the operating life of the bearing
  • The surface of the shaft will not be worn; reducing maintenance costs
  • No interference phenomenon during operation, no increase in torque & power
  • Seal Mechanism design performs an isolation effect
  • The properties of the applied materials are not impactedby chemical substances
  • The most lightweight and simple design


Thương hiệu:HiPerSeal®、HiPerLip®

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